A condition where a woman is unable to conceive a child despite having regular sexual intercourse with a male partner for a prolonged period, for around 6 months to a year is defined as infertility. In over half the cases, infertility is usually with the male partner which is characterized by a low sperm count. Infertility causes social anxiety as well as relationship problems among couples and can severely affect… Read More »Infertility

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Mention sexually transmitted disease (STD) and the first thing that comes to mind is the dreaded HIV/AIDS. However, STD is not limited to HIV alone. There are quite a number of them that cause problems for sexually active individuals. STD defined Simply stated, STD is an infection or disease passed from person to person through sexual contact (1). This sexual contact is not limited to sex organs alone; you can get… Read More »Sexually Transmitted Diseases