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Who is a sexologist?

A sexologist is a sexology practitioner who is well versed as part of his research in all areas of human anatomy, ranging from natural sexual behavior to sexual preference, the complexities of romantic interactions and romantic dysfunctions and conditions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual appetite and anorgasmia.

sexologist in ajmer

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Dr. Prakash Phatnani received his MBBS education from JLN Medical College, Ajmer. He has been practicing sexology since 1986 and is the best sexologist in Ajmer. He is a qualified and attentive professional. People of all ages, both men and women, see Dr. Prakash Phatnani for their problems. It provides solutions to your most complicated problems.


What forms of sexual issues / concerns will a sexologist assist?


sexologist in ajmer
Erectile Dysfunction

A man is said to be suffering from impotence when he can't get a good enough erection to have sex or his erection does not last long enough to finish intercourse.

premature ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation

In the simplest context, premature ejaculation occurs where an individual has little influence over the ejaculation, so he and his wife are not sexually fulfilled. Premature ejaculation can occur in as little as 30 seconds to one minute, even before penetration.

sexually transmitted diseases
Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted (Diseases) pathogens or venereal (VD) conditions are diseases spread from one human to another by physical and sometimes genital interaction – infection can spread via vaginal, oral and anal sex.

wet dreams
Nocturnal Emission

Ejaculation during a man's sleep or lubrication of the vagina for a woman is part of a nocturnal emission. It is also known as a wet dream, and a kind of sudden orgasm occasionally.


sexologist in ajmer
Dr. Prakash Phatnani is a General Physician and arguably the best sexologist .He not only describes it very well, but also provides other recovery choices. His field knowledge is unmatched, helping his patients feel confident. If you ever suggest any condition or believe you might have signs of sexual issues. Don’t hesitate to go. I can tell you.
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Prakash Clinic is recognized as Ajmer’s best sexology clinic as it is used to resolve certain sexual problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, masturbation, sexually transmitted infections, infertility. Without delay, patients will comfortably take advantage of all services because the doctor provides a safe environment for patients to freely share their issues. In-depth understanding of the doctor lets both patients obtain good outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A physical or psychological problem may result from male sexual dysfunction.

Physical causes: Several physical and psychological risk factors may cause problems of sexual function. Heart disease and blood vessels disorders, neurological disorders, hormonal disorders, chronic conditions including liver failure include alcohol abuse, digestive and kidney diseases . These may include diabetes and digestive disorders. In addition, some medicines, including some antidepressants, may adversely affect sexual desire and function.

Psychological reasons: tension and anxiety, sexual performance issues, interpersonal relationship difficulties, depression, guilt feelings, and past trauma effects.

Ejaculation disorders in men are numerous, including:

Premature ejaculation including pre-penetration or shortly after penetration.
Interrupted or delayed ejaculation: when ejaculation gradually occurs.
Retrograde ejaculation: The ejaculate is pushed back into the bladder instead of the urethra at the climax and out of the penis.

  1. Employ your doctor’s care plan for any medical or wellness problems.
  2. Limit your consumption of alcohol.
  3. Quit smoking.
  4. Deal with any mental or psychological problems, such as stress, depression, or anxiety. Get the care you need.
  5. Increase your interaction with your companion.

Many people have a sexual function problem from time to time. However, when issues continue, they may cause discomfort to the man and his wife and have a detrimental effect on their relationship. If you have issues with sexual function regularly, talk to your doctor for assessment and care.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Have you ever tried to plan an intimate night together with your spouse, but you felt very unsatisfied, upset and embarrassed because you went limp? Or just didn’t have an erection?

This occurs among 52 percent of men ages 40 to 70. And because age will increase, participation will also increase.

Before you panic and spend all the hard-earned money on medications or various remedies that could be mentioned to spread the need or the sex drive, why not first identify the causes of erectile dysfunction in your case?

There are many components that can trigger erectile dysfunction, scientists say. And happily, most of them have the corresponding treatment or preventive measures.

We classify the causes of erectile dysfunction into two Psychological and Physical.

Ten percent of male erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological components. In case you are too nervous while making love or too nervous for your partner not to be sexually pleased, the causes of erectile dysfunction in your case are psychological.

Being overly anxious can lead to less blood movement to the penis which prevents the penis from becoming laborious and stiff.

To make matters worse, these psychological issues are often interconnected and spread the problem of erectile dysfunction. They will even have unfavorable results on your physique. 

As a general rule, we cannot distinguish whether the genuine causes of erectile dysfunction in an individual are psychological or physical because of which they are often linked together. 

This makes the treatment of erectile dysfunction very laborious. That’s the reason if you assume you will have this problem, talk to your partner and ask for the assistance of an expert before deciding to do something.

However, there are some situations in which it is easy to tell the reason for erectile dysfunction. Just answer these questions. Can you have or maintain an erection with a partner, however, can’t you do it together with your original partner?

Or is it simpler so you can have an erection while masturbating than while having sex with your partner? In case your solutions to those two questions are ‘safe’, it is possible that the reason for your erectile inconvenience is psychological.

How can this be treated? Discuss it together with your partner. Normally, if a couple has relationship points, it can also influence love. Is your relationship on the rocks or do you feel pressured when you indulge him? 

So, solve any problems in your relationship first, and then see what the results could be in your sex life.

The distinct psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, stiffness, despair, anxiety, sexual boredom, and low sex drive.

In these components, what you can do is seek the advice of an expert with whom you can talk about this and also sit down and talk together with your partner so he can give you the help you want.

The other causes of erectile dysfunction are body components. These represent 90 p.c of erectile dysfunctions. Examples of these components are diabetes, hypertension, excessive blood cholesterol, heart disease, smoking, and poor circulation. 

Typically, medications taken by men with the above conditions can have extreme results in erectile dysfunction. However, it is best to preserve your priorities directly. Would you have an excellent sex life or die from a heart attack? If you plan to take any medication for erection problems, first seek the advice of your doctor.

You should also consider your way of life. As a substitute for buying all the erection medications you will receive, why not spend your time and effort doing some workouts, planning a healthy meal, or quitting smoking altogether? Everything is as much as you.

Premature Ejaculation

5 Main Premature Ejaculation Causes
If you happen to be distressed about having the same problem, then you have come to the right spot. This article will reveal to you the real causes why premature ejaculation is common among men worldwide. Here are just a few of them to give you a start:

1. Unhealthy Lifestyle
Basically, premature ejaculation causes boil down to living an unhealthy lifestyle.  This includes having an inadequate sleep or perhaps eating unhealthy foods. Lack of exercise can also be one cause since physical strength and fitness are two of the most important things a man needs to gain control of his erections.

2. Too Much Stress
If you get too stressed out, there is always the possibility that you will ejaculate prematurely or worse, not get the erections that you want. Of course any man who is too harassed most of the time will find it difficult to keep his little weapon standing up when he needs him to. Although there may be times that you can bring it to an erection; what happens is that it just blows off right away even before your partner can get excited.

3. Anxiety Over Action In Bed
Poor confidence in one’s self especially when in a sexual activity is one very popular nemesis of erection. If you are not confident about your body or how you will perform in bed with your partner, there is always that 100% possibility that you will not get any erection at all; or if you are lucky, you will succeed with an erect penis but then chances are you will come too early even before your partner actually gets all heated up.

Make sure that you address this problem and you will see how greatly it affects your sexual activity in bed.

4. Getting Aroused High-Speed
If you are the type of man who gets aroused in just a snap of the fingers then you have a problem with ejaculation; that is for sure. Lack of control when it comes to getting aroused can be a great contributing factor to premature ejaculation. The tendency is for the man to get aroused too quickly and so exhausts all his sexual energy fast causing him to ejaculate prematurely.

5. Physiological Factors
Hormonal imbalance is just one of the so many known premature ejaculation causes. The hormones serotonin and dopamine are the ones that experience an imbalance which may be triggered by lack of sleep, unhealthy nutrition, stress and insufficient or incorrect exercise and thus, bring about the ejaculation in advance. To get the ideal 5 to 10 minutes male stimulation, make it a point to stay healthy and fit at all times.